The Bible vs. the theory of evolution


Some atheists may be intelligent, but in the end, they are the biggest fools of all. For they have examined the evidence of this awesome universe we live in and have come to the most foolish conclusion one can come to and that is, there is no Creator behind it all and everything just came about by itself by blind, thoughtless chance. The theory of evolution is one of the biggest exemplary examples of unbridled foolishness that mankind has ever produced. Those who worship at the altar of the theory of evolution have kept parts of science in the dark for over a century now. But that, ladies and gentlemen, is about to change. The theory of evolution is about to be deposited into the dustbin of history where it belongs, marginalized as the great tour de farce that it is, a case of the emperor having no clothes. Darwin had no idea of the complexities of the cell. Don’t look now, but the theory of evolution is DOA in the halls of modern nanoscience. 

The Bible and the theory of evolution are both based on faith. Faith in the Bible can be proved true and faith in the theory of evolution can be proved folly. If you seek the God of the Bible sincerely by faith, the Bible will prove itself true to you. But, if you examine the actual physical evidence in the fossil record for the theory of evolution (or the voluminous lack thereof) and you look at the ludicrous claims made by evolutionists and you still have faith in the theory of evolution after that, then you are a fool and I’ll prove that to you shortly. Evolutionists and atheists are part of the people who are “of this world”, people who operate in the ways “of this world”, not in the ways of heaven above. Because God is invisible (except when He chooses to reveal Himself in the natural realm), the physical proof of God is not available to atheists and people who are “of this world”, those who operate not in the ways of the kingdom of God. The people “of this world” operate in ways diametrically opposed to the kingdom of God. The people “of this world” want to see first and then they’ll believe. But in the kingdom of God, it is the exact opposite of that. When it comes to the kingdom of God, believe first and then you’ll see. And so that is the roadblock for atheists and people “of this world” when it comes to proving the Bible. But for those willing to take the step of faith and seek God, the Bible will prove itself to the sincere seeker. The point of contact between God in heaven and men on earth is a person’s spirit. Spiritual communion and spiritual communication between us and God is a requirement to enter into the kingdom of God. But for atheists and people who are “of this world”, the line of communication between them and God is not working because they don’t have eyes to see with nor ears to hear with in the spiritual realm. They are dead to the kingdom of God. However, if a person takes a step of faith and believes on Jesus, they become born again and the spiritual line of communication between them and God starts working and the kingdom of God opens up to them. And so then God, who is Spirit, is able to communicate with that person’s spirit and gives revelation to that spirit. The spirit of such a man infuses the soul with the revelation it has received. Such a person is able to see God and hear from God because his spirit has been quickened and made alive in Jesus. The kingdom of God belongs to such as these. But for those people who are “of this world”, they can look and look but never see. They can listen and listen but never hear. So unless they are willing to take a step of faith, the Bible cannot be proved to them, for the proof deals with an invisible God that must be sought out by faith.

While the Bible will prove itself true to the seeker with faith, if one actually examines and considers with common sense the physical evidence in the fossil record for the theory of evolution (or the incredible lack thereof), then the theory of evolution will prove itself to be pure, utter, unadulterated folly. 

A word to the wise here to the so-called Christians who think they can believe in Jesus while simultaneously believing in the theory of evolution. If you think it doesn’t matter if you think the Book of Genesis is a fairy tale or an allegory or whatever, think again. Jesus spoke of the creation account as real history. Moses wrote the Genesis account, of which, Jesus said:

"For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me; for he wrote of me. But if ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe my words?"

—John 5:46-47


The implication from Jesus is if you don’t believe what Moses wrote (if you don’t believe the creation account), you won’t believe what Jesus said. So basically, for those of you so-called Christians who don’t believe in the creation account but believe in the theory of evolution, Jesus wonders if you don’t believe what Moses said about the days of creation, how can you believe His words. Speaking of mankind, Jesus said:

“But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female.”

---Mark 10:6

That is a  direct reference to the Genesis account. If you don’t believe the creation account in Genesis, you don’t believe what Jesus said. And if you don’t believe what Jesus said, are you someone who is abiding in Jesus? No, you are not. Jesus and the theory of evolution are mutually exclusive. To believe in the theory of evolution is to not believe in who Jesus is. Jesus is the Word made flesh. Jesus is part and parcel of the Genesis account. All things were created by Jesus for Jesus. In the days of creation, that was Jesus who said “let there be light” and so forth.

Jesus is the vine and we who believe, we who are abiding in Jesus, are the branches. Believers must be branches that remain attached to the vine that is Jesus Christ. And what flows from the vine of Jesus Christ is the creation account, not the theory of evolution account. So if you believe in evolution, you are not abiding in the vine that is Jesus Christ and will be one of the branches that is not attached to the vine and withers and is picked up and thrown into the fire: 

“If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.”

---JOHN 15:6

So you so-called Christians who believe in the theory of evolution might want to rethink things—and quickly! Lest you perish in the soon coming destruction! 

Besides, I will prove to you in very short order, in less than a minute, the folly of the theory of evolution. Anyone who still believes in the theory of evolution after viewing less than one minute from the video I will point you to shortly is a fool. What you will see in the video and the outrageous claim by evolutionists should cause you to kick to the curb this foolish theory and walk away from it and wipe off from the bottom of your shoes this crap you stepped in called the theory of evolution.

When looked at through the lens of common sense, when looked at under the microscope of real science, when prodded and probed with a rod of logic, two things become extremely apparent about the theory of evolution. One, the proliferous lack of physical evidence for it in the fossil record. And two, minds are stretched beyond the bounds of belief as this feloniously phony fabric of the theory of evolution unravels and comes apart like a cheap suit. Here is a prime example of the latter where the utter folly of the theory of evolution is on display for anyone and everyone to see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears. In the following video, if you start viewing it at the 9:00 mark, then in less than a minute, you will have proof of the folly of the theory of evolution. If you are currently a believer in the theory of evolution and you remain so after viewing less than one minute from the following video, then you are a fool. Here is why: in a less than one minute clip from the following video, you will see and hear something that passes for science nowadays and yet, is so patently and laughingly absurd that it requires one to replace common sense and good science with foolishness and absurdity to the extreme. 

Proof of the folly of evolution in less than one minute

Go to the 9:00 mark and in less than a minute, you’ll have proof that the theory of evolution is a farce.  What you will see is soft tissue from a dinosaur bone that is really, really, really soft. In fact, the tissue in question is so soft and squishy and rubbery and flexible that if you stretch it, it reverts back to its original form like foam rubber. And get this, the claim by those who worship at the altar of evolution is the incredibly soft tissue is 68 million years old! I kid you not!   

Isn’t it ironic that evolutionists make fun of the Bible and Bible believers and here are evolutionists trying to tell everyone that flexible, pliable, resilient, and stretchy soft tissue, soft tissue that when stretched reverts back to its original form like foam rubber, is 68 million years old? 

One question I have for them is this: 

When an evolutionist finds a dinosaur bone with soft tissue that is supposedly 68 million years old, do they straight away put it into a zip-lock plastic bag and put it in the freezer in order to prevent spoilage? Hah! 

Another more important question is this: 

Why wouldn’t the dating calculations be questioned when someone says such soft and rubber-like tissue from a dinosaur bone is 68 million years old? 

Here is why: because a dinosaur bone that is not millions of years old would contradict the millions of years old paradigm that the evolutionary model requires and evolutionists won’t let that happen to their religion o no! They’d rather look like fools claiming soft tissue is millions of years old rather than give up their ridiculous theories and admit the truth, which is dinosaurs lived together with humans at the same time once upon a time on planet earth and it was not millions of years ago, but thousands of years ago when the fossil record was laid down very quickly in a little something called the flood of Noah. 


The absurd claim about rubbery soft tissue being 68 million years old is enough to push this theory into the dustbin of history, but there’s plenty more absurdity posing as science where that absurdity came from. In the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, there is a  fossil of a beautifully formed wolf spider, a big, hairy spider. Before going any further, consider this, if a big hairy spider died in a forest or in the jungle, how long do you think that spider would remain there laying there on the ground with its body fully intact before turning to mush and disintegrating into dust? How long would it last assuming it doesn’t get eaten, ten years maybe? A hundred years? Five hundred years? A thousand years? Well, get this, there is a sign at this national park that claims that the fossils there were formed at the rate of—and I kid you not, this is what it really says—two inches per one million years. So understand what that means, what they’re trying to tell you, what they’re trying to sell you. The evolutionary claim is a spider died and sedimentary rock built up around that spider very, very, very slowly, at the rate of two inches every million years, and its body remained fully formed, fully intact, for all of that time and formed this beautifully formed fossil of a large spider. For arguments sake, let’s say the spider in question is one inch or so in height. So the claim is that spider remained there as a fully formed spider without disintegrating into dust for 500,000 years before a flawless wolf spider fossil was formed as sedimentary rock slowly built up around the spider during those 500,000 years as it laid there on the ground remaining fully intact. Does that make any sense? At all? Can you believe this is what is taught in our schools? To believe in evolution is to be ignorant of the fossil record. If you subscribe to the theory of evolution, you’re either ignorant of the fossil record or you’re a propagator of propaganda about the fossil record. 

There is dinosaur fossil with a name in the fossil record. It is called Willo. Willo is a dinosaur fossil with its heart intact, fully visible

QUESTION: How does the body of a dinosaur with its heart exposed stay intact like that for thousands of years while sedimentary rock builds up around it incredibly slowly? 

ANSWER: It doesn’t. Yes, it was a trick question. 

How fast do fossils really form with bodies fully intact, like the wolf spider I mentioned, or Willo with a fully exposed heart, or fossils of a bigger fish eating a smaller fish in its mouth? Did such fossils form over thousands or millions of years? No, they formed very quickly in sediment like wet concrete in a little something called the flood of Noah. The physical evidence of the fossil record does not fit the evolutionary account, but it does fit the Genesis account. Isn’t science supposed to consist of empirical evidence? Where then is the empirical evidence for the theory of evolution? 

Consider the following proliferous lack of empirical evidence in the fossil record for the theory of evolution:


  • In the fossil record, there is no physical evidence of anteaters with shorter and progressively longer snouts. The theory of evolution would have it that the anteater evolved its long snout gradually over thousands and millions of years. So at one point, according to the theory of evolution, there had to be an evolutionary ancestor to the modern anteater with a short snout, let’s say a 1 inch snout for arguments sake. And gradually, over thousands and millions of years, there would have been an anteater with a 2 inch snout, and then an anteater with a 3 inch snout, and so forth up to the modern day anteater with its very long snout of dozens of inches. So is there such a sequence in the fossil record? No, there is not. 
  • Likewise, the fossil record does not show a sequence of giraffes starting with very short necks and progressively longer necks right up to the length of the necks of modern day giraffes. Nor are there any sequences for any other animals with extreme traits that shows the progression of how that particular animal got to be that way. The reason why we don’t see such sequences recorded in the fossil record is because they never existed to begin with. 
  • In what is known as the Cambrian explosion, organisms appear abruptly and fully formed in the fossil record with no precursor forms like the theory of evolution tells us. That is, you don’t see a trail of simpler organisms evolving into more complex organisms in the fossil record as evolutionary science espouses. There are just complex organisms showing up in the fossil record with none of the simpler precursor forms, which is contrary to the model of the theory of evolution. Plus, the number of classification of life forms, called phyla, was actually greater when the fossil record was recorded than it is today. There are a lesser number of species or kinds of animals on earth today as there were then, a lesser number of phyla. This is in direct opposition to what the model of the theory of evolution tells us. Evolution would have it that from one single cell, through natural selection and random, thoughtless mutations, came all the various kinds of animals and things, all the different phylas and fellas we see on the planet today. So the evolutionary model speaks to one simple cell evolving into the various higher life forms, all the different life forms (phylas) we see on the planet today, but the physical fossil record tells another story altogether. The physical fossil record actually displays the number of different life forms or phyla appearing fully formed in the fossil record without any of precursor organisms and the number of phyla since then has only been decreasing. We see species going extinct all the time, but never do we see new species or new kinds of animals being formed. 
  • There is no sequence in the fossil record showing one species or kind of animal changing into another species or kind of animal. That is, there are no transitional forms. Darwin himself acknowledged that his theory implied that the number of transitional links between all species must be great in number. The excuse for the lack of transitional forms in the fossil record during Darwin’s time was that much of the fossil record was yet to be uncovered. Well, since then, we have uncovered quite a bit and no intermediate transitional forms have turned up in the fossil record. And the reason for that is they never existed to begin with. The missing link is still, well, missing. And it will forever be missing because it never existed. If mammals have evolved from a single common ancestor into the diverse forms we see today as evolution requires, where are the links between not only men and apes, but where are the links between all like species or kinds of animals, like for example, the transitional forms between cows and hippopotamuses, a “cowopotamus” if you will? All of them will forever be missing from the fossil record because they never existed to begin with.  

 So again, I ask, just where is the empirical evidence in the fossil record for the theory of evolution? It may exist in the minds of those who propagandize the theory of evolution, but it doesn’t exist in the physical fossil record


The above folly and proliferous lack of evidence is more than enough to sink this silly theory, but wait, there’s more! The theory of evolution does not even pass the simplest and most odoriferous smell tests of common sense and logic. For example, the theory of evolution would have it that it took thousands and millions of years for an anteater to evolve its long snout and tongue which it uses to get its food. Well, what did these supposed anteater ancestors do in the mean time for food, wait thousands and millions of years to grow a long snout so they could eat? Hah! If they were able to use other means to survive, then there wouldn't have been any need for a long nose and so a long nose wouldn’t have been amplified by natural selection. Likewise, what about skunks, whose defense is their scent glands, did they wait thousands or millions of years to evolve their scent glands? They would have been wiped out by predators if they had to wait thousands of years for their scent glands to evolve. They would have had other means to survive well before that and so there would be no need for their scent glands to evolve, to be amplified by natural selection. The theory of evolution is the antithesis of common sense and cannot even pass smell tests of the most odoriferous kind like these. 

The theory of evolution is a theory that requires one to replace logic and common sense with folly. Consider the laughably absurd idea that natural selection and mutations—the engine of change for this ridiculous theory—can account for how speech came about. Let us consider some of the components necessary for speech. First, there is the FOXP2 gene, the gene used for producing and recognizing speech. Let’s give to the theory of evolution as a starting point the FOXP2 gene popping up via a mutation and then take it from there and see if either logic or folly follows from there. OK, let us assume that one day, via a mutation, a monkey (a monkey-man-wannabe supposed ancestor) was born with a FOXP2 gene. That’s all well and good, but that gene alone is only one component necessary for speech. In contrast to monkeys today, humans have extraordinarily functional and controllable muscles around their lips and cheeks. Also in sharp contrast to monkeys, most of the motor cortex in humans is devoted to vocalization. And only humans have the ability to use their tongue, cheeks, and lips together with their teeth, to produce phonemes, the building blocks for words. So here is where we are asked to suspend logic and common sense and accept folly. Never mind the fact that the FOXP2 gene would be useless to the mutated monkey (hence there would be no reason for natural selection to amplify or advance it) since the monkey mates of the mutated monkey wouldn’t be able to understand him even if he could talk because they also would have needed the FOXP2 gene to understand speech, but nevertheless, what happened, did one fine day everything necessary for speech fall into place and the monkey with the FOXP2 gene suddenly mutated remarkably well-developed and controllable muscles around his lips and cheeks and used his tongue in conjunction with his newly mutated motor cortex and say “well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!”? Hah!

This foolishly laughable theory is full of fraud and folly and is propped up by scientists who are blinded by their egos and intoxicated by their ludicrous theories about how life originated on planet earth. According to evolutionists, what is the origin of all species, just how did life begin on planet earth? They don’t know. Darwin even called his book “On the Origin of Species”, yet, he and evolutionists have no explanation for the origin of species. You can’t make this stuff up. Never mind the fact that evolutionists can’t explain how their proverbial first living cell came into existence and never mind the fact that guys in white lab coats cannot create life in a lab in controlled situations and we’re supposed to believe it happened all by itself in nature, but for arguments sake, let’s give them their proverbial first living cell in a Frankenstein “it’s alive” type beginning and proceed from there and see if this cockamamie theory makes any sense whatsoever. Come with me now down a very strange and deep and demented rabbit hole. According to evolutionists, billions of years ago in a primordial soup of slimy, pond scum stuff, somehow, one fine day, actually, on a stormy day with fearsome lightning, a single cell came to life in a Frankenstein “it’s alive!” type moment. Then over eons of time, this simple one cell of life evolved into all the higher life forms we see on the planet today. That’s right, according to evolutionists, every living thing you see on the planet today evolved from that one single cell. Over eons of time, the first single cell evolved into more and more complex organisms in a primordial soup with male organism fishy things evolving independently and at the same time and in parallel with female organism fishy things, each with their gender specific parts intact, and they peaked at the right time and in the right place after millions and millions of years and culminated in an orgasmic explosion of breakthrough of life in a womb. That is basically their claim. I kid you not. And get this, according to evolutionists, the engine of change to get the increase in genetic information to go from a lower life form of a single cell to higher life forms where you have males and females of species, is mutations—blind, thoughtless, random mutations. That’s right, according to evolutionists, everything we see on the planet today—everything from worms to whales to humans and everything in between—all of it came about by the stuff second-rate horror movies are made of, mutations. Like I said, you can’t make this stuff up. 

So just how did the increase in the information in the genome come about according to this cockamamie theory of evolution? Well, below is a video of the high priest or Pope you could say, of the religion of the theory of evolution, Richard Dawkins, explaining just how did this increase in the information in the genome come about according to his religion: 

Mutations and natural selection do not increase information in the genome, so just where did the increase in the information in the genome come from to go from a single cell to the higher life forms on the planet according to the theory of evolution, hmmm Mr. Dawkins? What's your answer? Be sure to have your sound turned up from the :10 second mark to the :30 second mark, you don't want to miss his answer! ;)

In their arrogance and folly, evolutionists will put the cart before the horse. Take the Coelacanth for example, a fish with stubby fins. Before 1938, the Coelacanth was thought to be extinct. Up until that time, instead of saying it was a fish with stubby fins, the evolutionists originally claimed fossils of the Coelacanth were an intermediate form between fish and modern day amphibians because of their stubby, leg-like fins. O how wonderfully it displayed the evolutionary process, or so they thought, until in 1938, someone caught a live Coelacanth, blowing their “facts” out of the water. And so what did the evolutionists do? What they always do when they are caught putting the cart before the horse, when they are in error, they got out their erasers and changed the “facts” of evolution! Evolutionists work with a safety net. It doesn’t matter how many “facts” of the theory of evolution are wrong because evolutionists can change the “facts” as they go along because no matter how much spin and propaganda they spew, they know no one in academia will call them out on it because they’re all in on the scam. 

No, life didn't happen all by itself. We have a Maker.



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All in all, the theory of evolution is a theory lacking evidence and is full of fraud and folly. And yet, kids today in school are being indoctrinated and brainwashed with this monkey-men-wannabe nonsense. If you want to know the truth, see what Genesis tells us. While we do not observe the evolutionary model in the fossil record nor do we observe evolution in real time, we do however observe what Genesis tells us in the fossil record and in real time. 

The Genesis account fits the physical evidence we see in the earth:


  • Genesis tells us that each kind of animal only produces its own kind. That is exactly what we observe. A chicken does not give birth to a snake for example. Chickens produce chickens and snakes produce snakes. 
  • Genesis speaks of giants on the earth during the days of Noah and also afterwards. Virtually all civilizations on earth have legends of giants. They are the stuff legends and mythologies are made of—men of renown—the offspring of the sons of God and human women. You wouldn’t know it by what they teach in schools nowadays, but skeletons of giants have been found in the mounds of middle America. Many old newspaper accounts in America speak of these giant skeletons that have been found in the middle mounds of America. Speaking about these giant skeletons found in the middle mounds of America, it was Abraham Lincoln who, when visiting New York state and Niagara Falls in 1848, said the following, and I quote,  “The eyes of that species of extinct giants, whose bones fill the mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara, as ours do now”. And the Smithsonian confiscated many of these giant skeletons because atheists won’t let the facts in the ground contradict their religion called evolution, o no!
  • Genesis speaks of Noah’s flood of course and virtually all civilizations on earth speak of a worldwide flood. And fossils of clams and other marine creatures appear on the tops of all the mountain ranges on earth.
  • Man is a special and unique creature that is different from all the animals, just as Genesis indicates. We are not made in the image of monkeys, we are made in the image of God.
  •  Virtually all cultures have legends of dragons. The reason for that is because once upon a time, dragons existed. Dragons and dinosaurs existed upon the earth simultaneously with mankind and were around during the time of Job. In cultures all over the world, you will find drawings and artwork of dinosaurs because mankind lived contemporaneously with dinosaurs. You can find a description of a dinosaur in JOB 40 in what the Bible calls "behemoth". And in JOB 41, you can find a description of a dragon in JOB 41 which in the Bible is called "leviathan".

For more on the Bible and creation and evolution, see:


So here is the bottom line when it comes to the theory of evolution and the Book of Genesis: we do not observe the theory of evolution in action on earth today and if evolution means the slow gradual change of one kind of animal into another kind of animal, then the overriding characteristic of the fossil record is the proliferous lack of evidence for evolution. So if you want senseless conjecture on where we came from, then seek out monkey-men-wannabes and they will spin you laughable yarns and fanciful tales, like flexible, spongy, foam-rubber-like soft tissue from a dinosaur bone is 68 million years old. But if you want rock solid, unchanging truth to stand upon and you want to know how everything came into existence, then seek out the Book of Genesis and the word of God, which will stand forever.

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This is THE END